Stream URLs for TuneIn and 3rd party apps

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Can I point directly to the audio streams for mobile apps?

Here are the direct URLs for TuneIN and other 3rd party apps:

The streams are located at these paths if you intend to point to them directly. SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) streams below:
1. Channel 1A – Songs:
2. Channel 1B – Bhajans:
3. Channel 2A – English Talks:
4. Channel 2B – Hindi Talks:

If above links are not working then: Please use below links for non-SSL, use port :8000 and http:

  1. Ch 1A – Songs:
  2. Ch 1B – Bhajans:
  3. Ch 2A – English Talks:
  4. Ch 2B – Hindi Talks:

Ukraine Radio Sahaja:
5. Sahaja Music:
6. Sahaja Songs:
7. Ragas:
NAWestern Classical:

France Cybele Radio: