Amazon Echo devices – Alexa – setup instructions

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As of August 2022, Alexa accounts created in the following countries are currently supported for the current version of certified Sahaja Radio skill.

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • India
  • United States

Skill status: Live: LAST SUBMITTED 8/28/2022, 8:23 PM
Sahaja Yoga Radio Skill is now published.

Country Availability Details:

Australia Yes Link to Skill Store:
Canada Yes Link to Skill Store:
India Yes Link to Skill Store:
United States Yes Link to Skill Store:

For the above list of countries, no additional setup is needed. Just say:  “Alexa, open Sahaja Radio” and follow voice prompts.

For countries not in the above list, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Alexa App –> Login into your Alexa app on your smartphone
    Create a new account using United States or India location.
    Keep Alexa login account separate from your Amazon shopping account.
  2. Register and pair your Echo device using the Alexa app (using Action button)


  3. Click on the Devices tab in the Alexa app –> Echo & Alexa
    1. Select your device name
    2. Click on Gear Icon to go into Device Settings menu — Note: Device settings is different to App Settings
    3. Scroll down to Language –> ensure that the language is set to English (United states) OR English (India)
  4.  Search for Sahaja Radio Skill
    1. Click on More (Bottom right icon of Alexa App)
    2. Click on Skills & Games — see image below
    3. Click on “Your Skills”
    4. Using the Search icon (lens), search for keyword or skill name “Sahaja”.
  5.  If your account is correctly setup in the above countries list, you should see Sahaja Radio Skill appear in the results.
    1. Click on “Sahaja Radio Skill” then click LAUNCH
    2. Select the Echo Device you want to use.
    3. Click Launch and you should now hear the prompt on your Echo Device.
  6. Do you want some shortcuts voice commands (ROUTINES) for your new Sahaja Radio Alexa Skill? For example:

    Just say:
    Alexa, Hindi Talk
    (Instead of the saying the full sentence which would have been: –>Alexa, Ask Sahaja Radio to play Hindi Talks)

    NEW command (ROUTINES enabled) OLD command
    “Alexa, Hindi Talk” Alexa, Ask Sahaja Radio to play Hindi Talks

    Import the following starter Routines into your Alexa app and use them to create your own voice shortcuts:

Congratulations!  The Sahaja Radio skill is now successfully enabled on your device.

Test by saying aloud these following invocations to play audio channels:


Alexa, ask Sahaja Radio to play <Hindi talks>
Alexa, ask Sahaja Radio to play <Indian Ragas>
Alexa, ask Sahaja Radio to play <Sahaja Music>
Alexa, ask Sahaja Radio to play <Channel 7>  OR <insert any keyword> from list below:

Channel 1 →    Songs, Channel 1A
Channel 2 →   Bhajans, Channel 1B
Channel 3 →   English Talks, Channel 2A
Channel 4 →   Hindi Talks, Channel 2B
Channel 5 →   Indian Ragas, Instrumental
Channel 6 →   Ukraine songs, Sahaja songs
Channel 7 →   Sahaja music, Ukraine bhajans


If any issue in searching for the Radio skill, please create a new Alexa account for Alexa app on or, change the country location to any of the 4 countries (prefer USA or India) and then follow the above steps.