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You may support this radio by several methods:

Uploading your own favorite high quality music tracks using this section.

  • After uploading music, please remember to let us know by filling up the suggestion form with your name/email/number.
  • For multiple music /audio files, please remember to ZIP them before uploading.
  • Record a JINGLE/ Promotion in your own solo or collective voice:  Jingle or Promo can be a short (10 to 15 seconds), upbeat, musical, jingle or promotion to play frequently on this radio. See example of Jingle or Promo.
  • Please remember to add MY Radio SAHAJA in TuneIN radio APP on your smartphone for listening while driving in car.
  • Listen everyday and spread the word in your local collective about Sahaja Yoga Radio.
  • Send your feedback to improve the station and song playlist in the suggestion form.